Survival Adventure Courses that are aimed at Private Groups, Individuals and Corporate Companies all run at stunning locations in South Wales and Scotland, where the

survival course fire starting
survival course fire starting

weather can change every few minutes and where the landscape can offer a demanding terrain to give a surreal experience.

Each Survival Course is classed as  the following:

Adventurous Package, Adventure Training, Adventure Packages, Team Building, Elite Adventurous Training Experience, Adventure Activities.

Our courses are run by Military Soldiers Former Serving Royal Maine Commandos and Former Serving Royal Green Jackets.

What does the Course include?

We will meet you at a meeting location where we will confirm that you have everything that you need, we will then head out to a location in South Wales (for example). The course will cover the following elements:

survival course eating food
survival course eating food
  • Location awareness to help build a rescue plan.
  • Map reading with a compass, to include map to ground planning.
  • Taught how to build many different survival shelters.
  • 1st Aid in depth and practiced scenarios.
  • Cooking and eating various foods from the local area.
  • Wet and Dry routine put into practice for kit and your body.
  • White Water Crossings at multiple areas along a fast flowing river bed (weather permitting).
  • How to move at night (night navigation) covering miles of difficult terrain, undetected by the locals, until a suitable survival camp is secured for the night.
  • Explore Huge Waterfalls.
  • Abseil from cliffs high up in the Welsh Hills.
survival course demonstration
survival course demonstration
Who can take part in our Courses?

Our Survival Courses are suitable for anyone that would like to push themselves in an Outdoor Environment. We have different levels of arduous Survival Courses that are suited to different needs including Corporate Companies looking for a Team Event.

Level 1 Survival –

A great level that can help develop the beginner with their Survival Interest, meaning that you dont need to be a physically fit person to attend.

Level 2 Survival

Suited to a more demanding physical person that would like to learn and get pushed outside their physical limits but still be able to take part in the course.

Level 3 Survival

Suited to a person that is looking to push both their mental and physical fitness limits in a demanding environment, who does not mind having little food and sleep, no matter what the weather. Able to work to a demanding limit to help engage in all parts of the course.

Corporate Courses
Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses –

These are tailor made to each different Corporate Company and include many different Team Building Games that are aimed at each individual business to help establish potential Leaders, bringing a Team together or as an Adventure Reward consolidating an entire working year.

Courses numbers

Each Course can run with a minimum of 6 people. This helps to enhance the overall experience of the course for each person and helps to build on one of the most important factors when in a “Survival Situation” and that is Team Work.

All our Courses can be run 7 days a week and there is no limit to how many courses we can run at any one time so selling out of space isn’t an issue. Courses are based on 24 Hours and can, when required be extended to suit each course wanting to book.

survival course practice
survival course practice

To book your place on our Course

Payments can be made via BACS Transfer, Cheque or if you are a Corporate Company by Invoice.


Out of Your Comfort Zone
Out of Your Comfort Zone