Healthy Life and Wellbeing, good diet, exercise Outdoors while enjoying the stunning Landscape.

Would you like to lose weight and still eat want you want? more information here…

Losing weight does not have to be a painful, boring task. It is proven that continued mobility speeds up metabolism which uses up more of your calorie intake.

Exercise does not have to be painful, arduous, or need a skill to perform. All you need is to be constantly active in your daily life to help reduce weight gain.

It does make sense to eat a more healthy diet when on an exercise programme but if you are

Trout on an open fire
Trout on an open fire

spending more of your free time Outdoors either at the beach, or inland you can use all that stored energy to help gain cardiovascular improvement at the same time.

Cooking on open fires in the natural environment helps to restrict or cut down on using unhealthy food supplements, allowing people to feel better about themselves knowing that they are not taking in high fat content food.

We, at Out of Your Comfort Zone camp out a lot, with many different groups of people that want to be active and take part in low level activities that well not leave them gasping for oxygen and feeling exhausted. Our Outdoor Activities are directed at a speed that suits the slowest person and sometimes that can be the staff.

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