Find out how taking part in Outdoor Activities can build Strength and Endurance and help with your Wellbeing you will be amazed..

Being constantly active can help improve your fitness cardiovascular and lung capacity. Whether just casually floating around on a Surf Board, Swimming in the Sea, jumping from ledges into moving rivers or Rock Climbing. You will be putting pressure on your body to perform those activities and will be surprised how much you will ached the following day from all the energy you have used.

Outdoor Exercise with Out of Your Comfort Zone
Outdoor Exercise with Out of Your Comfort Zone

Watch this video link from Dr Mike Evans on how much Exercise we should do each week to help sustain a Healthy Life Style -> (Dr Mike Evans Interesting Facts) You will be very surprised…

Coasteering, Gorge Walking, Rocking Climbing, just a few of the Outdoor Actives we offer, that have a massive impact on building fitness levels while enjoying yourselves and learning different and interesting facts about the environment.

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