Every day can become a bore when all you do is work, get stressed, get frustrated, just by taking a break may help…

Wild camping at a location that can offer a remote feeling away from your laptop, mobile phone or just work in general can help to reduce most stress levels.

Many years of working in the Outdoor Environment has seen past and returning people to our camping days and to listen to them talk about how they are more relaxed when in a remote location away from the sound of traffic and city life.

Wild Camping
Wild Camping

We run Wild Camping Days away to help people with stress and high anxiety levels, these days away can last 1 or 2 nights in the remote areas of South Wales. Cooking food on open fires, learning about the geology of the land, walking around the hills and enjoying the views.

To book a place on our next Wild Camp, contact us for dates using the contact form below, here you can also request to be added to our email list where we will email you any of our up and coming Adventures with us. All details are kept private and no personal details are shared with any other agency, in accordance with the DATA Protect Act 1998.