Discovering Wales in the Best Company… develop your Health and Wellbeing in a therapeutic environment.

This is our Top 10 Best ways to Discover Wales and build your fitness levels.

Want to build that summer body? and look good on the beach? want to see Wales from a different prospective?

Out of Your Comfort Zone
Out of Your Comfort Zone – Shell of Life..
  1. Come with us and bring your friends and family, and we will show you the South Wales Landscape from a different prospective
  2. Learn about the plant life that surrounds our coastline
  3. Discover, caves, hollows and other rock features that are millions of years old
  4. Walk the Coastline, hill sides, swim in the sea and rivers of South Wales to enrich your knowledge of South Wales
  5. Push your physical fitness and feel better in yourself
  6. Use one of our guides to show you around in South Wales
  7. Eat, drink and relax with a stunning view either at the sea or inland in the mountains
  8. Go at your pace or let us push your limits and help you build stamina and strength
  9. Photographs and Video, we will record your day with us so you can take the memories away with you
  10. Feel safe and secure in the hands of Professionals and allow us to show you great locations and tell you about the environment that everyone is asking about… South Wales..

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