Steve, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for our Real Wales, Real People blog series. I think the story of how we met is so typical of Wales – we were both out walking on an otherwise deserted hillside, and got chatting about the weather

Former Royal Marine that has been training in and around the Brecon Beacons for over 25 years and now run an Outdoor Adventure Activity Community Interest Company (not for profit) as an educator and Outdoor Practitioner for private groups, and corporate companies looking for adventures in this stunning environment of South Wales.

Three Cliffs Bay Gower South Wales
Three Cliffs Bay Gower South Wales

What makes Wales the perfect place for the nature of your work?

Wales has so much to offer all abilities for all different types of adventures, there are so many different places to visit from visiting local shopping areas; to the stunning hills such as Pen y Fan; and the outstanding beauty of the South Wales Heritage Coast of the Gower Peninsular.

As a local, what would your perfect day in Wales consist of?

A water based activity that will give me some education of the Welsh landscape and show me something I haven’t yet found… because Wales is full of little secrets.. yet to be discovered, even for the locals…

Three Cliffs Bay Gower South Wales
Three Cliffs Bay Gower South Wales

Where would you take friends that come to visit you?

South Wales Gower Coastline, because of the history and diversity it offers,

Finally – what makes you most proud to call Wales home? 

The Welsh sense of humour and the friendship the Welsh people give to visitors when they visit us for adventure days.

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