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Using the Outdoors, can help increase your fitness levels… known fact..

Summer is here and there is no better way to push your fitness levels and enjoy the Outdoor Environment.

These are our 10 Best Ways to improve your fitness levels in the Outdoors.

  1. Rock Climbing can help with balance and stability
  2. Pull and pushing your way to a top of a long hard climb will have you using all your core muscle strength
  3. Under physical and mental pressure, your body will use more calories than you expected
  4. Under pressure you will find yourself out of breath as you gasp for air when jumping into cold water
  5. Pulling yourself up onto rocks and ledges will improve your inner strength
  6. Using biceps and triceps to get yourself onto a ledge from out of the water will help build endurance in your muscles
  7. In cold water your body will burn more calories to keep warm… even if you are not doing anything strenuous in the water
  8. Burning more energy will help reduce fat levels in the body
  9. Not knowing how hard you are working when participating in Outdoor Activities will help burn more energy and fat
  10. Lastly… enjoying yourself outdoors will help develop your inner self, become more confident, learn more about the stunning environment, meet new friends, find your own weaknesses and build on them and have a continued smile on your face 🙂

    Out of Your Comfort Zone
    Out of Your Comfort Zone

We are full-time Exercise and Health Professionals that can help with Personal Development, we are Highly Qualified Medical Technicians that can be there if you need us. We are Qualified Teachers in Education to talk about the environment and help you understand more about the stunning landscape around us.

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