With the Outdoor Life becoming more popular thanks to Social Media, the Internet and TV shows showing people that there is more to life then just work and No Play.

The Outdoor Industry has gained in size over the last 20 years and has subsequently become more accessible to people taking time out from their busy lives and make more of an effort to venture Outdoors with their friends and families.

Talybont Reservoir Out of Your Comfort Zone
Talybont Reservoir Out of Your Comfort Zone

We asked a question to a family that were out walking one day…

What has made you want to come outdoors today? Their reply was…

“As parents we are busy working and our young children are studying during the   week, we do not have the quality time in the evenings to spend together, so by coming out for a walk in the National Parks we now have a chance to catch up on the fun we miss out on during the week”

From feedback we have from groups of people either, families, friends and Corporate Leadership Training Courses. Out of Your Comfort Zone CIC is now offering, people a chance to further develop their own education and skills into the Outdoor Sector.

Pen Y Fan Out of Your Comfort Zone
Pen Y Fan Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our NVQ courses can take anywhere between 6 months and 3 years to complete, so an excellent way to balance family, work and study. Assessments can be undertaken in your work place or alternatively, at our location in South Wales, Brecon Beacons area. This location offers varied surroundings, thus helping to give each learner a New Prospective on the therapeutic environment we are all surrounded by, but very never see.

The NVQ Diploma Course in Outdoor Development is also recognised worldwide, and is awarded by Active IQ. These awards are also seen and recognised by Outdoor Employers that may want to recruit people for full or partime employment in the Outdoor Sector.

It is important to note that people that want to spend more time with their families etc in the Outdoor Environment want to do so in the safest way, and so, by attending our course we offer them and chance to become more aware of the dangers and emergency process if they, or other people in the Outdoors have an incident.

There are a possible 3 pathways for this NVQ Diploma, Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation or Outdoor Development Training. Each of the NVQ pathways will cover the areas below with extensive additional units, which will equip you with the skills needed to operate safely in the outdoors, whatever pathway you choose.

  • What to carry and how to carry it safely and comfortably
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Reading the weather forecast and synoptic charts
  • Navigation and map reading
  • Understanding the environment
  • The emergency procedures in remote locations
  • Access laws, rules and etiquette

For more information, please get in touch or just visit our website for more details.