While we help people enjoy themselves jumping into fast flowing water from very high ledges in the local rivers, scramble up Rock Faces at the Sea Cliffs, Mountain Bike down steep Hill Sides, Cave in some of the most dangerous Cave Systems and Swim with the Wild Life at the local Beaches.

Skills Active Awards Millennium Stadium
Skills Active Awards Millennium Stadium

We also help them learn more about the surrounding area and the Welsh History that has given us these stunning locations that are attracting more and more tourist each year to South Wales, thanks to social media.

Speaking at a Award Ceremony gave me a chance to educate people on the importance of Training more and more people to become Professional Outdoor Guides and Instructors.

With the Outdoor Life becoming more fashionable, by which I mean, we now see more and more people wearing Outdoor Branded Clothing around local shops and not in the Mountains. People have now realised that going out into the Countryside is a relaxing Environment and can help with High Stress Levels, pushed on to us from High Pressure job demands.

This is now motivating people to visit the local Outdoor Clothing Suppliers kitting themselves out with warm and waterproof clothing and stepping out into the Outdoor World of Adventures to learn new skills or even a Career change… because its never to late..

If you want to learn more about the Outdoors and what it has to offer for you or your Professional Working Environment, please get in touch and we can help you relax, have fun and most importantly stay safe.