Taking people “Out of their Comfort Zone” doesn’t only mean staying above ground.

Caving at Port Yr Ogof
Caving at Port Yr Ogof

We recently had a request from 2 Spanish Sisters that were looking for something, different, interesting and that would make them feel challenged.

So we took their into one of Britain’s most dangerous Caving System Porth Yr Ogof in South Wales.

So, armed with a GoPro and 3 head torches, we all descended into the cold, wet underground for 3 hours of fun, hard work, tight spaces and deep pools in a Naturally Formed Cave that has been forged over 300 million years, by the fast flowing water coming down from the Welsh Hills.

Surrounded by limestone, flow stone, stalagmites, stalactites and fossils, the first crawl was tight, but the girls didn’t know it was about to get even tighter,  deeper in the Cave System.

This video will give you an insight to what we do when helping clients discover themselves and conquer fear.

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